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    Multiple workflows

    Jason Capriotti

      I have several workflows


      PDF Files (Condition Filepath %.pdf)

      Engineering file workflow (Condition Filepath %\Products%)

      Engineering file correction (No condition)



      This was working, pdfs went to the PDF workflow, Files un "Products" went to the "Eng File workflow". Now, no matter what I checkin...it goes to the "Eng file correction" workflow. This workflow was created as a transition from the Eng file workflow and has no condition as I don't want any files going to it except when transtioned from the Eng file workflow.


      Is the no condition the problem? If so, how do set it up so that both workflows can work together?

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          Yes, that is the problem. You should have it setup so that any file you check in for the first time can only go in one workflow only. If a file has more than one possiblity, it will go into the last saved workflow. So was happened was that you saved the no condition workflow. After that all files are going into this workflow because as an example, pdf files can go in either this workflow or the pdf workflow. Since the no condition workflow was saved last, Enterprise thinks that in the workflow it belongs in. You will need a couple of conditions for this workflow != %.pdf and != %\Products%, not equal pdf or not equal Products.
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              Jason Capriotti
              Problem is, the workflows need to accept the same files. One is for transitioning of those files through a workflow link. I can build it all in one workflow but it would make the one workflow fairly complex. I thought a workflow link would be great for files that need to deviate from the standard workflow. How do you handle that?