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Set Rev Table Rev Level

Discussion created by Calvin Nelson on Oct 8, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2011 by Samuel Polk

Has anybody else noticed that you can now set the Rev Table level so that when you Add Revision, it continues from the new level? I'm not sure whne they got this working (and it still needs improvement), but this is what I found:


Insert your Rev Table

Add Revision and place a Rev Symbol somwhere on your sheet

Double-Click on the Rev Symbol and Change to the desired Rev Level (i.e. 'L')

Go back to the Rev Table and Add Revision... The added rev is 'M'!


Improvement needed: Currently, if you change the Revision in the Rev table, it updates all the symbols, but continues with the original Rev sequence (i.e. 'B', instead of 'M')


Bonus: if you add a rev by accident, deleting the row will continue the sequence correctly, instead of skipping a rev.


Thanks for fixing this!




SW09 sp4.0