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    Set Rev Table Rev Level

    Calvin Nelson

      Has anybody else noticed that you can now set the Rev Table level so that when you Add Revision, it continues from the new level? I'm not sure whne they got this working (and it still needs improvement), but this is what I found:


      Insert your Rev Table

      Add Revision and place a Rev Symbol somwhere on your sheet

      Double-Click on the Rev Symbol and Change to the desired Rev Level (i.e. 'L')

      Go back to the Rev Table and Add Revision... The added rev is 'M'!


      Improvement needed: Currently, if you change the Revision in the Rev table, it updates all the symbols, but continues with the original Rev sequence (i.e. 'B', instead of 'M')


      Bonus: if you add a rev by accident, deleting the row will continue the sequence correctly, instead of skipping a rev.


      Thanks for fixing this!




      SW09 sp4.0

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          Wayne Tiffany

          Quite interesting.  I tried it here and it didn't work.  Seems there is a difference if you have letters or numbers set as the default.  I have numbers and it seems to always go back to what it sees as a master schedule no matter what.


          Have you documented this and turned it in?



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            Samuel Polk

            I'm currently creating a rev table template and the first row of the template (potentially the row calling out the first Revisions) has become embedded into the template.  Therefore, upon opening the template, there is now the "Revision Table" heading row (now hidden on mine), the column heading row (on my template, reads L-R: REV, DESCRIPTION, ECO NO., REV BY, APVD, REV DATE), and this stinkin blank row above this.  I can't seem to delete the blank row.


            Here's the problem it's causing: my title block is designed to call out the latest revision by pulling this information from my rev table template.  because the blank first row exists, the "Revision" custom property isn't being created upon entering the first revision into the table.  It isn't until the rev table is RMB'd, Revision, then Add Revision is clicked that the "Revision" custom property is created and everything works as it should.  How do I delete this inhibiting blank row from my template?  Thanks in advance.


            - Samuel