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Incorrect management of Custom Property

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Oct 8, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by Valentin Leung

Dear All,

I made a custom tab for my engineering team in order to quicken filling of multi fields in our file's custom properties. Until now, it worked really well, in this tab, we have properties that are for all configuration (author, projects and all) and other configs that are specific (grade of material etc).


Lately, our company upgraded to PDM enterprise and we are in the implementation and already, problems have started to appear.


I can't have the EPDM to show in a datacard properties set for all configuration in a configuration specific tab.

For example:

I have a part A with 1 default config with two derived configs one for aluminium a, one for aluminium b. The file has a custom property called vendor with the value abc.

So, vendor is a property for all configs, and the material is configuration specific.


In the EPDM's datacard, the material is correctly shown and configuration specific but the vendor's name is only shown in the @ configuration, which is a bit clumsy.


The way around is to fill all the configuration specific field with the same value, but then, what's the point to have things considered for all configuration and things for configuration specific.


Did I miss something? a hidden option that I can set to have the EPDM show the vendor name in all the config in the datacard?