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Flattening route & sending to schematic

Question asked by Greg Kramer on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by Greg Kramer

Hi all


So I have been familiarizing myself with solidworks routing for the last couple months, and I still find this addon to be very intermittent.  The solid model 3D space routing is fine, but When I take my subassembly route and flatten it things go awry.  The routes I am attempting are dummy routes simply 2 connectors with a wire between them.  A few of the routes work fine, the block models of the connectors come into the drawing along with the labeled wires and wire lengths.  However, the majority of the routes do not flatten correctly.  When I flatten these routes I will get a stub of wire with no connectors labeled as 0in. (zero inches).  I have found that if I go back to the subassembly and rebuild I will usually get one connector to show up, but only one.  It seems to me that the schematic drawing is being created, but it is not being linked with the flattened 3D model??  Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.