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how to flare a sheet metal part

Question asked by Tom Mathieson on Oct 7, 2009
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Hi All,


i am doing some sheet metal work,  and i need to flare the end of some pieces so that the others will fit inside them.  basically, lets say i have a 12" x 6" 16 Ga box that i want to match up with another 12" x 6" box.  i basically want to flare teh end of one out by the thickness (1/16') for a length of 2-3"  so that i can slide one inside the other and rivet them together.


is ther an easy way to do this?  i have looked at forming tools, but not sure.   i have tried to model the part as a solid, then convert to a sheet met al part, but it didn't work.  here's a pic of what i'm trying to do