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    Enterprise PDM for Workgroup Users

    Tammy Shlasky


      I am looking to hear from large companies that have migrated from Workgroup PDM to Enterprise PDM

      How did it go? How are the users coping? How many users do you have? Did you migrate all revisions or only latest?

      Did you use Lifecycle in Workgroup? Did you migrate the lifecycle info to Enterprise?

      We would be very happy to hear any insights that you can give on the migration and/or the use of PDMWE.


      A bit about our company ...

      We are a large SolidWorks site with hundreds of users currently managing data in a few PDMWorks workgroup Vaults (each division has their own vault).

      Our Vaults have gotten quite large - even huge... (the largest has passed the Tera mark). We love the simplicity of the product and have our own in house applications for workflow based on the limited lifecycle in Workgroup.

      Because of the size of the vaults, we are considering migrating to Enterprise. In order to keep the vaults alive we rebuild them every day and do not allow the use of "Find" button in the search windows (we use only "generate report" that does not search for the files in the tree). Jeff Ray told us that our use of Workgroup PDM scares him and reminds him of a VW Bug with a rocket motor....


      I am sure that with the effort in marketing Enterprise PDM that there are large companies out there that are migrating. A combined effort could save us all time, money and frusrtation on the implementation


      Looking forward to hearing from you,


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          Ian Roberts

          We are a small site but we migrated form Workgroup to Enterprise about 18 months ago (9 Sworks seats + 4 stand alone PDMW). We migrated the lifecycle status over to Enterprise but we have changed this somewhat as Enterprise has far superior workflow features. Enterprise is just an all round better product (should be for the cost), more robust, faster searches, easier to grasp for new users, also reasonably easy to manage.  The main driver for us to change was sharing data with two remote sites (oversea) which works well.  The biggest hurdle was migrating the data correctly as the migration tool had more than a couple of hick-ups during the process. We used a third party to help with the implementation and I REALLY reccommend doing this, especially with data to migrate.  Ours helped tremendously.  It took approx 3-4 weeks before going live with the new system from start to finish.  After moving to Enterprise we have expanded its use across our ACAD seats and baisically all our engineering data at this site goes in the vault now.  With the size of your dataset and what sounds like a large user base I would be concerned about Workgroup too.  Our old vault at the time of migration was about 120GB and it was a bit creaky.....


          Ian roberts

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            Ken Rodriguez



            We are in a similar boat as you.  We have multiple PDMW sites within the company and have over 100 users across the sites.  We are experiencing a significant number of vault crashes on our largest vault.  We have also disabled many of the "vault tools" for users, we ask users to log out after check out and check in, we reboot the server daily...etc.


            I have participated in many PDM installations... and (as already stated) data migration will be your biggest task.

            If your have data that is very specific to a given group, I would recommend a pilot implementation. Work out the migration and workflow challenges then validate performance, training and general implementation process... and get plenty of references from your 3rd party support team... and check them out personnaly (drive, fly, swim to their sites and speak to as many employees as possible).


            Good luck!

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              Tom Strohscher

              We have 131GB, 420,626 files, 127,108 folders in our vault.  We have not had too many problems yet.  We too love the simplicity and cost of it.

              Is it time to look for something else?   When do these things start blowing up?