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Enterprise PDM for Workgroup Users

Question asked by Tammy Shlasky on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by Ken Rodriguez


I am looking to hear from large companies that have migrated from Workgroup PDM to Enterprise PDM

How did it go? How are the users coping? How many users do you have? Did you migrate all revisions or only latest?

Did you use Lifecycle in Workgroup? Did you migrate the lifecycle info to Enterprise?

We would be very happy to hear any insights that you can give on the migration and/or the use of PDMWE.


A bit about our company ...

We are a large SolidWorks site with hundreds of users currently managing data in a few PDMWorks workgroup Vaults (each division has their own vault).

Our Vaults have gotten quite large - even huge... (the largest has passed the Tera mark). We love the simplicity of the product and have our own in house applications for workflow based on the limited lifecycle in Workgroup.

Because of the size of the vaults, we are considering migrating to Enterprise. In order to keep the vaults alive we rebuild them every day and do not allow the use of "Find" button in the search windows (we use only "generate report" that does not search for the files in the tree). Jeff Ray told us that our use of Workgroup PDM scares him and reminds him of a VW Bug with a rocket motor....


I am sure that with the effort in marketing Enterprise PDM that there are large companies out there that are migrating. A combined effort could save us all time, money and frusrtation on the implementation


Looking forward to hearing from you,