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Motorcycle Rim and Tire " beginner question"

Question asked by 1-DUD2O9 on Oct 6, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by 1-DUD2O9

I am trying to model a motorcycle tire and rim as learning project.  I have been able to convert and wheel blank DWG drawing to a 3d object and

guessestmated a tire but still need more help.


Is it better to use the revolved base/boss or the sweep base/boss to draw the rim and tire?


How do i move the front,top and right planes to my drawing centerline? do I need to do that?


Should I move the orgin to a point on the wheel centerline? How do I do that?


When I try to letter the side of tire I cant seem to select the side wall I can letter on one of the planes but the the lettering is not on the side wall.


I atttached the drawing if you want to look at it.


The rim blank is a 17x6.5 for a 190 tire


Were can i get a drawing or cutaway of a motorcycle tire?