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Help with creating a roll cage..please

Question asked by alex helton on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2009 by alex helton
I am a completely new user of solidworks.  I have a copy of the student addition and have put much time into trying to understand the program.  I need to understand though how to create a roll cage easily.  Can I build it all at once or do I have to assemble every small part?  I am to build it out of 1 inch steel piping.  Currently, I know how to create small pipes using the sweep function,  Is there a better way?  How can you assemble all these small parts in the assemble mode?  Is that possible?  I am fairly new to this program so It would be amazing if someone could explain a very fast and easy way to build a cage.  I have searched on youtube and on the internet.  If there is something that I must watch, can someone direct me to it?  Thanks for those who respond.  It is very much appreciated.