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Problem with symmetric relation in hole wizard sketches

Question asked by John Jablonski on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2009 by Charles Culp



I'm having an intermittent problem with the 3D sketching and  hole wizard hole placement. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't:


Start the hole wizard, choose a hole type and size, then click the Positions tab. I am trying to put 2 holes on a flat surface, and want them symmetric about an axis. So, I place the points and make sure they are constrained as "on plane." I then create an infinite centerline*, and constrain it to be on the same plane, coincident with a midplane or point, etc (ie: it's somehow constrained where I want my axis of symmetry axis to be, but it's always on the same plane as the points). I then select all three entities (line & two points) and click on "Symmetric." Sometimes this works just fine, and I add my dimension and I'm all good to go. Other times, clicking "symmetic" makes the points become coincident. No idea why it does this. Haven't figured out a pattern to why it only does this sometimes.


What I end up doing is creating a sketch (where symmetry always works), then starting the hole wizard, and placing the hole wizard points coincident to my sketch points.


Am I inadvertently doing something wrong in the hole wizard sketch? Or is it just buggy?







* Or sometimes I'll place the points in space, create the line, and then constrain everything to be "On place." Doesn't seem to matter.