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    Problem with symmetric relation in hole wizard sketches

    John Jablonski



      I'm having an intermittent problem with the 3D sketching and  hole wizard hole placement. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't:


      Start the hole wizard, choose a hole type and size, then click the Positions tab. I am trying to put 2 holes on a flat surface, and want them symmetric about an axis. So, I place the points and make sure they are constrained as "on plane." I then create an infinite centerline*, and constrain it to be on the same plane, coincident with a midplane or point, etc (ie: it's somehow constrained where I want my axis of symmetry axis to be, but it's always on the same plane as the points). I then select all three entities (line & two points) and click on "Symmetric." Sometimes this works just fine, and I add my dimension and I'm all good to go. Other times, clicking "symmetic" makes the points become coincident. No idea why it does this. Haven't figured out a pattern to why it only does this sometimes.


      What I end up doing is creating a sketch (where symmetry always works), then starting the hole wizard, and placing the hole wizard points coincident to my sketch points.


      Am I inadvertently doing something wrong in the hole wizard sketch? Or is it just buggy?







      * Or sometimes I'll place the points in space, create the line, and then constrain everything to be "On place." Doesn't seem to matter.