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    Pyro-Shock Analysis using Simulation ?

    Ashish Jaiswal

      Is it possible to perform Pyro shock analysis in Simulation ? Are there any limitations ? Any help will be appreciated.



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          Kirby Meyer



          Generally, you can do this using a modal time history analysis under dynamic study.    Presently, Simulation does not have the capability to input an SRS (shock response spectrum).  You have to input the raw acceleration data over a shock event instead.   Time to compute is not as a bad as you might think, but, yes, the time step would have to be on order of 1/f, where f is the largest frequency in your SRS.    I made an enhancement request to include the SRS some time ago, BTW.


          Post-analysis wise, one looks for the stress highs over the entire event.  That was pretty CPU intensive, if I recall.


          If you have only the SRS, you can "recreate" acceleration data from it using some tools on the web.   Might not be free, but www.vibrationdata.com has some insight to this.