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Animating with Solidworks Renderer (w/o Realview) -- Image too Small

Question asked by 1-LDX4KK on Oct 4, 2009

Hi all,


Using Photoworks to render esp. for long animations can be resource-expensive, thus falling back to Solidworks Renderer may be a better option.


However, I noticed that the aspect ratio can't be changed -- this option is greyed-out. In my case, the image in the resulting movie is quite small, and I'll be using the movie for Powerpoint presentation; the audience at the back of the room may have difficulty seeing.


I notice whatever you 'see' in the movie is whatever you 'see' on your editing screen. Some questions I have:


1) Does hiding the icon bars (top, side, even bottom), that is, maximize your viewing screen space, maximize the rendering image?


2) Zooming into the model as large as possible may be the solution, however when the model rotates or explodes, I have to zoom out for a holistic view, then the view becomes diminished.


3) As I'm new to animating, I have difficultly controlling the view with precision. For e.g., I mostly use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out, but I find that this lacks control; sometimes you zoom too far in, and have to zoom back out, making repetitive editing necessary and time-consuming.


4) How can we alleviate the 'blurry' or 'heat-haze' effect propagating from the lines of the model in a movie? I've set the compression to 100% quality already, though the effect is suppressed somewhat, it is still there, though not as bad as the default 85% compression. Must I also turn on anti-alias edges? I did so, but the lines became thick black lines which may cause distraction to the audience.


Any advice to solve the above problems? Thank you!