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Unreliable Updating of Card Fields from Custom Properties

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Oct 1, 2009

I asked this in another discussion, but in retrospect I think it's better to ask it as a separate question...


I've created a number of SW part files with custom properties all filled in, and I set up card variables w/mappings and created fields on the file card linked to those variables, but after I checked in those files I found that it many cases the values do not appear in the file card fields.


Some fields work, some don't, sometimes a given field works on one file, but not on another.  All the variables, custom properties and mappings are set up to work the same way, so I don't understand why some should work while others don't and why it should vary from part file to part file.


I'm doing this as part of my test setup using EPDM 2010 beta in conjunction with SW2007.  I'm using the contributor client (as opposed to the editor client) because the editor client installs an add-in that is not compatible with SW2007.  In all other respects this setup has worked fine as the contributor client still has all of the capabilities as the editor client but only through the Windows Explorer and its file management dialogs, not from within the SW add-in.  Is it possible that this apparent lack of robustness in the file card updating mechanism is related to the use of the contributor client - perhaps a bug in the beta - or is there some glaring error in my methodology that I'm missing?