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How to make geometrical reference?

Question asked by Kalle Pettersson on Oct 1, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez

Hi all


To make things stright from the start - I'm a software developer not a designer. I develop an addin for SW and have got a really complex assembly from a customer who says that it has circular referenses!? - somthing called geometric reference. This assembly breaks my internal generation for the reference tree (infinitive loop).


Now I need to make an, as simple as possible, assembly with a circular reference for debug purposes.

That is a file structure like this:





Is this possible and how do I do it? I use SW2007 SP5.

If not possible - what is the most simple structure I could build and how?


Thanks in advance

Kalle Pettersson