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Similar Parts - Reusing the draft file?

Question asked by Jon Schneider on Sep 30, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2009 by Paul Marsman

Hello again,


I am in need of some procedural instruction I have come to realize.


Solidworks is so clever that you can't trick it and it's stubborn enough it won't make it easy (atleast not per the help files).


I was going to try to use a design table, but for some reason while following the tutorial, I could not select dimensions to load into the design table - so I figured fine - I'll do them all individual parts.  I did that. 


Next comes detailing all of the near identical parts (with the exception of that tiny hole in the middle of the top edge moving). 


Is there any way to reuse the drawing and just redirect which part it's looking at?  Solid Edge you could just edit links, Inventor you could just hide the original part for a little and then tell it to look for the new one, SolidWorks seems to not cooperate on either approach. 


I have it to the point where I told it to look for the new part, and I can go into the drawing and right click - open the part file, but nothing shows up in the drawing except a rextangle with an x in it!   


I've got to admit, in terms of intuitive and user friendly SolidWorks is briskly moving towards Pro/E in my mind. 

sw part.bmp


Hopefully some gurus can tell me where my misguidedness comes from, because I can't honestly believe SW would make it that difficult to take advantage of the effort I put in to design them similar enough (so that detailing would take nearly no time at all).


Any help appreciated!