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Projected views backwards?

Question asked by Jon Schneider on Sep 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by Matthew Lorono



I'm relatively new to SW, just hopped into 2009.  I've used Pro/E, SolidEdge & Inventor Series in the past, but we ended up migrating mostly to SW due to (from our experience) the superior translation abilities.


I am to the point where I'm setting up the company titleblock etc, and something odd is happening.  It appears the projected views are backwards?  Meaning if I take a top view and project it up, it's as though I'm looking at it from the front and not the back.  I was always taught that the views should function as if you're sliding the part on the inside of a bowl. Right now it acts as though you're sliding it over the outside of a bowl.  I have also gotten hassled from coworkers and the shop about the views "looking goofy" and being "messed up".


I've flipped through the ISO, ANSI, DIN, etc etc formats and they don't seem to affect it?  I've hunted through the document Options tab and have found a whole bunch of cool features, but no way to correct this.


Am I and everyone I work with backwards or is there something screwy with this?  Is it possible to change this setting?


Any help you can offer would be great, I hope this isn't too much of a novice question, the Help file wasn't overly helpful.  Ha.