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converting an edrawing to dwg format

Question asked by 1-IKOY95 on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Christopher Saller

hey guys,


i have been given an edrawing from a client who has requested that we convert it into either a .dwg (autocad) or .dgn (microstation) format so he can edit it.


firstly, is this possible?


secondly, the only way i could open the edrawing in solidworks 2010 so i could save as another format was by changing the file type. once i did this and opened it in solid works, it converted the assembly into an stl graphic. then i try and save it as an .sat file so i can open it in autocad 2010 but autocad wont open is ( i was under the impression the sat format was an autocad format) because it saves it as an image file.


can anyone suggest how i might be able to convert this edrawing into either an editble file in either autocad format or microstation format?