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Shell meshing taking hours

Question asked by Justin Sue on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2009 by 1-7ECR3R

Hi all,


Im currently working on doing analysis of the superstructure of a train carriage so its quite a large assembly of  shells representing all the members of the underframe, side wall framing and roof framing. In total there are about 800 surfaces and when I go to mesh it, it zipps through all the surfaces quite quickly until the last surface in the se and then it takes about 10 hours to finish meshing completely. If I remove that last surface it then pauses on the next surface in the list that is not last. Is there anything that I am doing wrong or is it the software it sellf?


The mesh is all shell elements on draft quality mesh with about 50000 nodes.


Any help is much appreciated.