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Where did "save as an external assembly" go?

Question asked by 1-HEMUK4 on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2009 by Stephen Gioacchini

SW2009, SP4.1


     We've just updated our SW to SP4.1.  In the past we'd put in our major equipment and do all of our route assemblies, now virtual assemblies thanks to 2009.  These assemblies would simply be labled Pipe1-<assembly name> in our design tree.  Our understanding was to be able to detail these virtual assemblies in a drawing we'd be required to save them out as an external assembly.  This was accomplished by finding that option by right clicking the virtual assembly in the tree.  Just noticed that option is no longer there.

     However, we can now successfully place these virtual assemblies into a drawing without a promp to save externally.  We also were able to send the drawing and virtual assembly into our vault.  All good things however we can not find a way to rename the virtual pipe assembly as we desire.  We can rename it in the design tree, but the file name remains Pipe1-<assembly name>.  We'd like to see them renamed as we catagorize them by function, gas, oil, coolant, etc.  Just having a long list of Pipe1-Pipe56 creates confustion when managing data.


     One, where did the option to save virtual assemblies as external file go?  Is this step even needed?


     Two, If not, is there a way to rename these virtual assemblies as such the file name gets changed without the, save as copy/replace.