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Need Engineering Stimulus Program help

Question asked by 1-LORRIU on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2009 by Mark Kaiser

I am working through the tutorials of the Engineering Stimulus Program.

The free software I downloaded does not include the toolbox, the third tutorial

requires bolts and washers to complete the assmebly. Referenced is

but I can't find it there so I didn't finish my assembly. If anbody out there has been

able to add the toolbox or find the hardware please provide assistance.


I now am working through the sixth tutorial and it requires a file.

Oboe Wu provided the internet location of the files but i don't know where to install

them in my computer. Again assistance will be very much appreciated.


I think the Engineering Stimulus Program is a great idea but learning a program as

complicated as SolidWorks requires solid support. It's hard enough for the beginner

to just grasp the concepts; we should not have to be frustrated searching the internet for

program files. I think solidWorks should take a closer look at this program and de-bug it.