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Property tab builder - changes property values

Question asked by Wayne Tiffany on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2009 by Wayne Tiffany

Yesterday we discovered a problem with a drawing that had gone to the shop.  Some of the dimensions in the BOM didn't match what was shown in the drawing detail views.  Come to find out that having the new property tab access in the Task Pane caused the problem.


As I dug through it, I think I identified the problem, and it's a bug.  We have one of the fields tied to a length config property, and we have a dim property there, not just a typed in value.  Not usually a problem, except the dim changed with a different config, as in this config used d1@sketch1 as the length, and the other config used d1@extrude1 or something like that.  So I think what was happening was that one config drove a dim property into it and then when switching configs, it kept that dim rather than switching to the the one I had tied it to.


I sent it in and it was confirmed by the VAR on SW2009 SP4.1, but he said it worked ok on 2010.  My point of this post is for you to be aware of it and check to see if you have the problem.  The only solution I found was to remove the prtprp & asmprp files from the network drive so SW couldn't find them.  After I did that, the dims all behaved properly.


I'll update this when I hear back from SW.