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RSVP - How do you handle this?

Question asked by Debra Sexton-Mohn on Sep 28, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2010 by Nicole Walden

I am inquiring about an RSVP procedure for our first Users Group meeting. How do you handle this situation so you know how many people will be showing up?


Someone warned me that a formal RSVP may cause some users to hesitate if they want to go at the last minute, and I totally understand this logic.


I have already sent out "pre-Invitation" emails with all the information but no mention of RSVP. I did, though, include my email address to contact so maybe that's good enough. The event will be October 21st and I will be sending out more invitations so maybe I can put on there "Please try to RSVP" or something?


Any thoughts?


Thank you in advance,


Debra Sexton-Mohn

Channel Islands SolidWorks Users Group

Ventura, CA