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Animating with Photoworks?

Question asked by 1-LDX4KK on Sep 28, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by 1-7ECR3R

My boss has a fetish for nice 3D CAD models with some sort of animation. I was wondering if SW 2009 can do animation of assy with Photoworks on? Because I do not have Realview, and if I use the default SW graphics, then it won't look impressive as they're just colour blocks in space...


While I have heard that there is such thing as animating with Photoworks, does the animation lag a lot to the point that it becomes unbearable, and defeats the purpose? I'm not so worried about file size, just the smoothness of the animation.


Does anyone have a Photoworks-rendered animation to share, so I can see what the effect looks like?


Many thanks!



If the renderer used is the Solidworks renderer (w/o Realview), why can't the aspect ratio be changed? The image in the movie is quite small and does not utilize the viewing area effectively when played in movie format. I've tried tweaking the view keypoints but gave up as the tweaking was too tedious and time-consuming! How do you control the view more sophisticatedly? Right now, I'm using the default/customs views, occasional mouse-wheel zooming and manual rotation. But the size is still small. If I zoom too big, then the assy becomes too myopic.

How do we correct this problem?