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File - Save temporary freeze

Question asked by Brandon Klebel on Sep 28, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by Brandon Klebel

A few times through out the day, when I go to save a part/drawing/assembly, I click File and my computer completely freezes for about 8 seconds, I then go down to Save or Save-as and click and it freezes again for another 8 seconds.  When this freeze happens everything is locked up, even music quits playing for the duration of the freeze.  I have closed every program besides SolidWorks and still have the same problem.  The only fix that I have found, is to restart the computer.  This only fixes the problem temporarily and it begins to happen again.  I have read a few other posts of people having very similar problems, one being a network issue.  All my files are saved on the network and I access these locations from a network share.  I have yet to test this with local files but I will do that soon.  I run SolidWorks 2009 with the latest service pack on Windows XP 32bit.  This is getting very annoying, any help is appreciated.