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Workgroup Performance Check - Time to Check-In

Question asked by Michael Hess on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by William Peacock

Hello Forum:


I'm running into some performance questions related to a perceived "slow" check-in. I have a site that has a vault located outside its firewall. Employees check-in parts from inside through the firewall. Three sites - one 50 miles, the other two in different locations almost 2500 miles away - also check in files to that vault.


The test assembly I'm using is the Sea-Doo Scooter (about 50 parts, 60 MB). Here are the results I am getting:


1. my local computer to vault on my computer (i.e. no network): 18 seconds

2. main site check-in through firewall: 40 seconds

3. site B (2500 miles away): 1 min 50 seconda

4. site C (2500 miles away): 3 min

5. site A (50 miles away): 9 min 50 seconds


Is this purely an Internet traffic/pipeline issue, or can there be other settings/configurations on the servers that could cause these differences? I've rerun one of the sites and gotten almost identical results (within 5 seconds). Are there any diagnostics that can be checked out?


This assembly isn't very big. Can people comment on checking in much larger assemblies into a remote vault and how long that takes you. Are there any "Best Practices" for using Workgroup at a remote site?


Thank You Much,