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    Simulation guidance needed - 1st attempt.

    Tony Szuta

      Hello All,


      I have a question and hope that you can guide me in the right direction. I have an aluminum extrusion that spans a concrete pit. I need to determine how much weight the extrusion can hold when assembled. I tried to simulate this last night and came up with some answers but the problem is that I don't know if they are correct.


      The extrusions join together to form a hinge connection. I have attached a view for your reference. The model shown in the view is NOT the correct scale. I just put something together quickly to try and explain this better.


      I am supposed to add weight to a 12"x12" area in the middle of the assembly. In the picture, it is colored orange. The assembly is supported on 2 ends, colored light blue in the picture.


      How would I best go about simulating this?


      In my simulation, I assumed that the ends of the extrusions were 'bonded' to the concrete. What would I use to simulate the connection between each extrusion? Also, how would I go about adding the force to the orange area of the extrusions? To create the orange area, I simply split the face. I can select the face and apply the force to it, but I just want to make sure that I am going about this correctly. The force is spread out evenly on all of the orange faces. I know how to do this.


      Any help is appreciated - thanks in advance!

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          Gamal Reda

          Hi Tony,

          According to your attached assembly picture; As the extrusions supported from ends by the concrete, and hinged to each other; You can simulate just a single extrusion as a beam rigidly supporting it from both ends and applying the  load on it ( Total load divided by the no. of extrusions)

          as the extrusions are hinged to each other, load will not be transmitted through the hinge connection.

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            Robert Stupplebeen

            This could be handled by beam theory with a simple hand calculation.  If there is a more complex loading or geometry in the future then FE could be appropriate.  You only need to model half of 1 beam.  Assuming that the beam is not bonded I would setup contact with friction to allow the beam to slide a pivot on the concrete.  I hope this helps.


            Rob Stupplebeen

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              I agree with Rob.  I would first cut the entire assembly in half through the orange area and use a symmetry constraint.  Then, I would apply a "No Penetration" contact set with friction between any contacting faces -- definitely in the blue region and possibly inside the hinges if you feel it's necessary.  You may have to activate the large displacement flag, depending on the actual geometry of the model and the magnitude of the load you apply.  Hope this helps.