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    PhotoView 360 2010 Video Tutorials

    Rob Rodríguez

      In the very near future (like sometime this week) there is going to be 8 new PhotoView 360 2010 video tutorials posted at the SolidWorks gallery website along with the other PV360 tutorials and gallery images found there.


      Until then I'm showing a sneak peak of one video every day for the next 8 days at my blog!  If you're interested in PV360 and want to see some actual usage of the new 2010 functionlity you'll want to watch these videos.

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          Kelvin Lamport
          Thanks Rob. I look forward to learning from all of them.
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            Anna Wood



            I am looking forward to watching the videos.





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              Matt Lombard
              Great job on these, Rob. They look great, and are informative. A lot of people are going to be needing these. Keep 'em comin'.
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                Any more new videos?
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                    Rob Rodríguez

                    Shaodun, the video posted on Wednesday 10/7 is the last one for now. 


                    Steve, this is something I've wondered myself. It's my opinion SW does or has not done enough to promote PV360.  In fact if you go to the SW website and do a search for "PhotoView 360" you'll see it returns nothing about rendering software.  Strange I think and dissapointing as well.

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                        Steve Calvert

                        I think they (SW) fail at some marketing techniques.  For instance, at last Feb. SWW I attended the CAD Managers Boot Camp put on by Greg J. he had asked how many people were using this forum.  Of the hundreds of people there only a few hands came up.  He and I wondered why and I told him because you (SW) and the VAR's don't do a very good job promoting it.


                        I, for one, am glad we users have experts like yourself that commit time and effort in areas that we don't normally see very much documentation on.



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                            Rob Rodríguez

                            Thanks Steve.  That's why I started the rendering stuff (my site, contests, presentations) there was just a huge hole left by SW on this.


                            I agree promotion and or marketing could be better.  It's no good to have product or information if people can't find it or don't know about it.  The problem as I see it is this:


                            SolidWorks concentrates most of it's time and resources promoting and marketing core product.  When something becomes "hot" PDM, Simulation, etc in the industry then SW will push promotion on those specific areas as it relates to SW or their product line to catch the "buzz" tidal wave.  This is understandable but I think SW also needs invest more resources beyond the core product.  Not so much in writing actual code (although that would be nice as well) but more in the "hey, look what we have and what it can do for you".  SW tends to lump everything (the add-ins) into SW Pro or SW Prem marketing.  I think if they treated the add-ins more like they were their own products they'd see a larger benefit to overall sales because they'd be promoting something more than just SW Pro, they'd be promoting specific functionality products and areas and backing up that promotion with documentation, training, etc.


                            In the case of rendering.  It's hard for PV360 to compete with a product like HyperShot.  Why?  Becasue when you go to the SW website there is no mention of PV360, BunkSpeed has an entire, website, forum and webinars dedicated to HyperShot and have you noticed there seems to be articles or mentions of HyperShot all over the CAD blogs, magazines and forums.  The only place to find PV360 on the web other than my website (and I don't have a lot) is www.solidworksgallery.com The SolidWorks Gallery site is nice but if you didn't have the web address could you find it?  Again try searching for "solidworks gallery" at the SW website and see what it returns.  The only other way to get there is click the link in the PV360 application.  Problem is you have to get people using PV360 for them to know the link is there.


                            Whew, anyway, there are some quick thoughts.  I have plenty more but I've probably said waaaay to much already.  LOL

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                                Don Vanzile

                                I tend to disagree with the marketing aspect or people saying lack there of....  I can't tell you how many user groups I've attended and they always mentioned other products, other user forums etc... I also receive countless emails of most of solidworks products as well.  I just think they're a whole lot of people that simply don't care or don't want to explore much of anything beyond the core product.  I mean let's be honest, the core product alone can be overwhelming in and of itself to users.  The reality most of the people who join user groups and forums like these is because we share a common interest in learning more and pushing the envelope. I would say it's kind of a copout to say SW marketing doesn't do their job well.


                                And as far documentation goes.... again, there are jsut so many aspects of the software now, and it changes every year. I don't know...  I always thought Sw did a great job with help files, that's how learned with no formal training at all.  And now I'm a CSWP. Go figure!


                                Edit:  Oh, and as far as the photo360 goes.... They haven't "yet" done away with photworks until 2011 release.  And I'm sure when this time comes there will be a 360 push.  Especially (hopefully) with all it's new feature goodness!



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                          I think that we all need to understand that that SW is going after the core users and that is what they showcase, the tools for the core users.  They have only recenlty started to promote SW as a full design and development tool.  Meaning marketing it towards industrial designers, who are the people that would use PV the most, along with some engineers.


                          So in relation to the marketing of the product to engineers vs upfront ID work yes they are somewhat lacking, and also behind in some certain development aspects.  PV only came about because of the saturation and compition from other companies who are providing and developing similar products intergrated into their core software.


                          Chevis W.