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    Creating model of fabric, velcro, elastic



      Has anyone come across a decent method for modeling fabric-based products? I've used a few key words in a search in this forum, but nothing  turned up, not one hit (i.e. I've done my homework...)


      I am currently working on a project whereby I must model a soft structure made of elastic panels, rigid panels, sewn seams, and hook & loop straps (velcro). It's a back support device with some advanced medical/therapeutic features including a battery pack.


      I've successfully modeled the belt's main structure, but now I'm faced with the challenge of creating realistic seams and velcro straps. I am attempting to model this NOT as a flattened sewing pattern (hence sheet metal approach won't work so well) - but rather model it as it would be worn by an adult figure...  exploded views showing the various components in position though not quite attached.


      Has anyone come across a tutorial and or ready-made models of velcro?


      Thank you in advance for reading through my dilemma.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          The fabric and seams sould be fairly easy to create and show as texures (appearances). Some fabrics already exist in the Real View library.


          The velcro would present more of a problem if you want to show close up details. Do you really need to create the hooks and loops?

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              Hello Kelvin,


              Thanks for your reply!  I may not need such detail (extreme close up of hooks and loops) - but I know my client will want to see the stitching, seams, double-cloth layered panels, etc.


              The short answer to your question is no, I do not need to be THAT exacting. However, it should "indicate" velcro, elastic, etc.


              I'm remiss in not attaching a picture of what I've modeled thus far, however that is more a "non-disclosure" issue.  Believe me, I'd love to show what I've got thus far.


              I created an elliptical path in the top view - cut-open to look like a letter "C" in plan view. I offset that path in both directions (to approximate the cloth thickness in plan view) and extruded those contour in two directions.  The result was sufficient to give me 80% of the belt I need...


              Now, I must detail that belt structure by adding the patches of reinforcements, straps, velcro closure patches, trim sewing, etc.  I believe my next modeling solution will be in sweeping a section contour along a path - the path following the surface contour of the main belt structure.


              Once THAT modeling is done, it's the texture - or surface map - I'll need to resemble the cloth and color used in the final product assembly.  THAT aspect is where the velcro question comes in.


              Naturally, I've explored the built-in cloth textures in the library - grey cotton is the closest "stock" material to an acceptable finish.  I don't expect PhotoView360 to be the magic bullet either.  Taking the final model into another rendering enviro (such as 3D Studio Max) isn't a viable solution, I don't have that software nor am I adept at using it...


              It tis a challenging one, that's for sure...  Thanks again for your thoughts.

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              William Irvine

              Have you considered software like Exactflat? (Design with Industrial Fabrics Faster using ExactFlat for SolidWorks )

              or otherwise grabcad has some examples of how you might do stitching, https://grabcad.com/library/stitches-technique

              let me know how you get on