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Creating model of fabric, velcro, elastic

Question asked by 1-FG9OMX on Sep 25, 2009
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Has anyone come across a decent method for modeling fabric-based products? I've used a few key words in a search in this forum, but nothing  turned up, not one hit (i.e. I've done my homework...)


I am currently working on a project whereby I must model a soft structure made of elastic panels, rigid panels, sewn seams, and hook & loop straps (velcro). It's a back support device with some advanced medical/therapeutic features including a battery pack.


I've successfully modeled the belt's main structure, but now I'm faced with the challenge of creating realistic seams and velcro straps. I am attempting to model this NOT as a flattened sewing pattern (hence sheet metal approach won't work so well) - but rather model it as it would be worn by an adult figure...  exploded views showing the various components in position though not quite attached.


Has anyone come across a tutorial and or ready-made models of velcro?


Thank you in advance for reading through my dilemma.