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New to PDM works questions

Question asked by 1-E3UBQW on Sep 25, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2009 by Joseph Arsenault

Does anybody know of a file compare program that I could use to try to get everything organized before I try to put everything in to the vault?

I had to take over the IT side of our network and machines late last year and things were not set up well at all, so I have lived with it until now.

We suffered a fire and it was a total loss and since I forced my company to allow me keep off site backups we have all of our data. "thank god"

Now as we have all new systems I would like to setup PDM works for Rev control.

The issue I am facing is the old way they were doing things was so unorganized that I need to be sure the drawings that do go in to the vault are the correct revision and so on.

The other thing I have noticed is they seem to have the same drawing number in many different directories and this is not acceptable either.

So if anyone has had to try to clean up a mess like this before and has any suggestions I am all ears.