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variable in part card

Question asked by Richard Hall on Sep 24, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2009 by Joy Garon

I am having 2 issues with my new installation.

  1. my varialbe "fileName" is not loading the actual file name in the cards.  Is this what this variable is supposed to do? see attached
  2. my variable "project name" is not propigating from the project folder.  I want to make it manditory but since the field is blank in all my cards in the tree I get an error message (you can't to this dummy)  Is there a way to propigate without filling in each folder in the project?  The project was loaded from a template.
  3. how do I get configuration specific custom properties to show up in the part card on the config tab?  my  data doesn't seem to be propigating and I have the "updates all configurations" box checked.  I have tried several ways to do this.