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Electrical routing sucess stories

Question asked by James Lawrence on Sep 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2011 by Jay Shroff

Does anyone have any??


I've worked though the training manual and exercies which mostly seem to go well.

I have been experimenting for a couple of weeks with routing for electrical cables, trying to model up small existing looms and harnesses, without much luck.

I have even had a consulant in for a day to help, we just about managed to model (just the routing, all the parts where all ready in the assy) a small assembly with 8 DIN blocks, 2 molex microfit connectors, and 2 potentiometers.  This in my mind was a very simple assembly and should not require lots of time to find "work arounds" to overcome the add-ins shortcomings.


Some of the prolems i've encountered so far are:


Daily or more frequent crashes


Flattened route is not to scale, so can't use it a form board


No ability to define terminals and other non-modelled components in the electrical BOM


Move component goes wrong, exit dont save or rebuild, still wrong when you open back up


Circuit summary should include the pin number of the connector


Cable Lengths do not move with the drawing view when moved around drawing sheet


Need to be able to change angle when Editing the flattened route


To my mind this feels like im testing a beta version not a released SolidWorks add-in.



Before i waste lots of time on this, has any one get a sucess story, perhaps I could come and visit your comapny to see how you get on with it.