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Abismal performance in SW 2009 SP 4.0 VISTA 64 bit

Question asked by John Nemeth on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by John Nemeth


just wanted to find out whether anyone else is enjoying life with SW as I do at the moment.


Just switched to 64 bit VISTA Business a few weeks ago, new box, new installations, started with a clean slate.


Windows: Vista Business 64 bit SP 2

Processor: 2Quad CPU Q9400 2.67 GHz

Memory: 8 GB


SolidWorks: SW 2009 SP 4.0


Current project: 5492 components, 757 subassies, 6 deep, mostly in-context. A smaller than average project in our range. We used to handle projects up to 14-15000 components in XP 32 bit.


The system starts with a high memory load according to the Task Manger. After starting SW and calling up the project (it loads very slowly too) it quickly reaches 3.5 GB and is verrrrrry slooooooow. After editing sketches it spins 30-40 seconds (TM says SW not responding). The memory load reaches  about 4.2 GB in about 30 minutes (I've seen 4.5 GB only once) and at this stage becomes virtually irresponsive. Subassemblies which are yet fully unconstrained can not be moved and any mating attempt results in error (overdefined). Entities can not be selected (first of all edges) and the generic performance is worse than that in XP 32 with those 14-15000 component assemblies.


Beyond VISTA's well know memory hungriness this seems to be very bad even to SW performance standards. The switch to 64 bit is a complete disappointment.


I assume most of this is the consequence of using VISTA - I just hope Windows 7 will be so much better. I am using VISTA 32 bit at home and it is not so bad. With 4 GB installed and 3GB switch activated subjectively (without any comparative performance test) it seem to have the same or even better poerformance than the office 64 bit VISTA.


Am I doing something wrong or this is just the way it is? Anyone having similar joy?