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Prevent Tab Switching?

Question asked by John Jablonski on Sep 23, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2009 by Kelvin Lamport

Is there a way to prevent the CM tab switching when I start a sketch, etc?


I created a "universal" tab which has nearly all of my commonly used commands on it, so  I don't want the CM to switch tabs on me. ie: The CM automatically activates the Sketch tab when I start or edit a sketch. I want it to stay on my custom tab.


I'd rather not just close all those tabs, since I still want to be able to get to them for my less commonly used operations.


So is there a away to prevent the auto-tab-switching?


I suppose a work-around it to create another custom tab with the other, less commonly used operations, and then close all the standard tabs.