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    rotating model (not the view)

      becouse of my dislexia I accidently lipped my angles around, but it "should" be a simple fix, I just have to rotate my object around the Z axis... but how do I do that? and is there a way to move "selected loft" up **units (or any direction) I'm quite new to this. I'm useing the schools software, but I'm not actually in a course that use's solidworks. any help?

      (I hope I posted this in the right erea)
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          Jerry Steiger



          There are ways to do what you are asking, but I should tell you up front that it is usually best not to use them. Since SolidWorks is a parametric modeler it is usually best to go back and fix your parameters. Edit your original sketch, or edit the plane it is sketched on, or edit your original feature to get your model started correctly.


          If that is too much of a pain (or if your part is imported) you can use the Move/Copy command (Insert/Feature/Move/Copy) to rotate a body around the Z-axis or shift it in x, y or z.


          Jerry Steiger