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Impossible assemblies

Question asked by Duane Roberts on Sep 22, 2009
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    I have a problem with some assemblies I have made and the way to put them together and have them showing up on the BOM.  This is horrible I have an assembly that goes together but fits into another assembly separate i.e. I have a scale, ramp, and support plate, that all go together.  Only problem is when you put them in the storage case which I have to show you have the scale, ramps, and support plates separate.  is the only way for me to figure this one is manually because I am disliking it it becomes such a pain in the end when they change something, I feel that they not only screwed themselves making this product but included me to because it is my duty to get it all to work and look good.


    Second like to ask about using configurations to solve this problem, could I arrange parts to make different configurations with ease?  Possibly have a config. assembled ready to use, then possibly have a config where it is all suppressed or arranged where the way it will fit in the case possibly?  One other thing is that at times I have a scale with communication and one with out, those being the only differences I am guessing I should be able to use configurations to create drawings. It just seems I am going about this the wrong way.


Wow any information on this would really be helpful.


Thank you