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    Branch flow

    Ralph Remsburg
      I have an inlet pipe that splits into three branches. Each branch has a different, unknown pressure drop. The three branches join again downstream. Using the interior surface of the inlet and outlet lids, it's easy to find all of the total inlet and outlet parameters. Is there a way to find out the flow through each branch individually? Ideally, I'd like to monitor the flow rate through each branch on the Goal Plot. Thanks.    
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          Bill McEachern

          If you have run a simulation yet put a component in each branch to act as a surface for a goal on flow rate or whatever you want. You then need to run component control and disable the component so that it is treated as fluid.


          If the result is already computed just put in the component and then use the surface parameters command and get the data you want. Pretty straight forward.



          Message was edited by: Bill McEachern Oh and feel free to put in as many components as you want to say get a pressure drop for a certain segment of the pipe.