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How best to go from 2D BOM to 3D BOM

Discussion created by Aaron Larson on Sep 22, 2009
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As an ongoing thing we're converting files from 2D into 3D as we need to work on them.  We're in injection molding BTW.  Sometimes we'll need to update only certain parts of a tool so then only that detail will get modeled.  The assembly will be created in 3D and all components will be placed where they should be etc. but the assembly will of course not be complete as many components still live in 2D land.


When creating the BOM in the SW drawing I thought I could "edit" the SW item no. to match that of the 2D BOM so that everything syncs up.  When I do this it always seems to change on me, at what point it does so I'm not sure (e.g. drawing saved, rebuilt assy, drawing opened).  My workaround is to add a custom prop to all components for ITEM NO. and use that in the BOM.  Any other suggestions or comments?  Has anyone had any serious drawbacks on using a method such as this to convert 2D to 3D using this "as needed basis" method?