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Templates in PDMWorks enterprise

Question asked by Dennis Hvam on Sep 22, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by Joseph Cheynet

Hello all!


I'm trying to create a few templates that people can access via,(inside PDMWorks) right click ->new->SolidWorks->New XXX.


This works fine for normalt empty templates, assemblies, drawings, parts etc.


But I would like to create a single template for two files, an Assembly and a Drawing.


This seems to work just fine! Until you take a closer look at the referance on the drawing, all the views referance to the main assembly, not the one copied from the created template with PDMWorks:
Template in PDMWorks administration.jpg


Is there anyway to get the newly copied assembly to referance to the drawing? Without using "Copy tree"??


Thank you all in advance.


P.s. if non of the above made sense, please tell me so that I can present the problem in a different way.