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If you select multiple volumes in Flow Simulation and then apply a Heat Source (say 5W), does each volume see the applied heat load (in our case 5W) or do the all the volumes cumulatively see 5W of heat power?

Question asked by 1-7ECR3R on Sep 22, 2009
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Article x160 of the Simulation KB states that:


"For the Surface Source command all the  surfaces cumulatively see the 5W of Heat Transfer Rate: The specified amount of Heat Transfer Rate is uniformly spread over the  overall area of the selected surfaces (the Heat  Transfer Rate density is uniform). For example, if 5W are applied to  three 1cm² faces and one 2cm² faces, the first three faces will receive 1W each  and the last one 2W."


Is this also valid for Volume Source, when applying a Heat Generation Rate or does the later work in a different way?


Thank you