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When will Solidworks ever allow the usrer to choose there own default values?

Question asked by 1-AWLDEW on Sep 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2009 by Tom Cote
Why Doesn't Solidworks allow its users to choose there own default values. It seems quite simple that they could store these values in either a text file or excel document and allow the users access to this document so that they can change the values to whatever they wish. That's what every other CAD software does. (Ok most software, period)  This makes no sense. We waste time every day changing these values again and again every time we leave a menu set. The default values are stored somewhere. So why not make them accessible to the user to change what value pops up. I've talked with numerous users and everyone agrees but just lives with the irritating problem. (as with many other issues) I love the software but this one really pushes my buttons. Not being able to choose my own values is like getting in your car and having to re-adjust the seat, the mirrors, the radio volume etcc. etc.. every time you get in the car as it came from the factory. This is plain stupid and un-necessary. If you added up the time that each user around the world spends changing the default settings to what they want as opposed to what the factory wants, I think we'd all be shocked at how many hours of productivity is wasted each day. Solidworks touts themselves as trying to integrate things into the software that improve productivity, well I spend a good part of my day changing your preset values back to what I use for defaults. When might we expect this simple task end? I encourage others to shout out on this subject as well.  Maybe that'll help in getting this problem addressed.