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Toolbox Folder Permissions

Question asked by Joseph Arsenault on Sep 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2009 by Troy Peterson



We are trying to create folder permissions for the toolbox.  Reason being because we have inexperienced users that are accidentally modifying toolbox parts and saving them by removing the read only status through our server.  We created permissions through Windows to give the CAD Admin and IT Dept full access and everyone else read access.  Apparently, this cant be done because no one can access the Toolbox now.  We've learned that the swbrowser.mdb must have read/write access for everyone and we've done everything we can think of.  All computers are installed through an Admin image because we have approx. 75 engineers.  I know you can configure the Toolbox and set permissions that way but that is only good for local machine, not image.  Can an Admin. image be modified to configure the Toolbox?  Any suggestions would be treamendous.




(Your SolidWorks Admin not by choice...)