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How to check material of flattened cone?

Question asked by Martin Stevens on Sep 18, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez

Hi all !


I am new to using the sheet metal tools in Solidworks and I have a slight problem with a sheet metal cone that we have to manufacture. The cone will be rolled from 40mm thick mild steel (300WA).


The problem I have is that I don'y fully trust my settings in the flattening of the feature. I see that by adjusting the k-factor, I get vastly different results! I guess that the default of 0.5 is what I should be using.


How can I know for sure that the segment will come out perfect from the rollers if I cut the plate according to my Solidworks model?? (I won't be too popular if it doesn't......) Is there any way to check my results?


I will greatly appreciate any input in this regard.