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Power Spectral density in Solidworks 2009

Question asked by 1-H2A7YH on Sep 17, 2009

Hello everybody,

I'm a graduate student on the mechanical faculty in Skopje, at the department of Motor Vehicles. For my diploma thesis I'm working on a possibility for Buzz, squeak and rattle predictions on a car seat headrestraint assembly. I have a Power Spectral density diagram from the experimental testing of the headrestraint which I would like to use in order to validate the model I created in Solidworks 2009. I know that I can get the Power Spectral density diagram in MSC ADAMS using the vibration module, but Adams is sometimes really hard to handle especially in importing files from CAD software’s like Solidworks, creating the contact between the parts, adding springs.... So I was wondering if you know a way that I can use Solidworks or some other software to do the validation of the assembly I created in Solidworks, by getting a Power Spectral density diagram or in some other method.


Thank you very much in advance and please give me a quick response as soon as possible because my dead line is next week !!!!