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PV360 is cool, but...

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Sep 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2011 by Ron Bates


I was pleased to make a presentation at the Denver SWUGN Tech Summit on 09/15/09.  My presenter's guide is attached as "readme.pdf" if you're interested in what I intended to say during the presentation.  There's always a disconnect between what is rehearsed and what actually happens.


The image above was part of the live demonstration of PV360.  It took less than 5 minutes to generate and that included a lot of talking while I did it.


The point of this post - after the meeting I chatted with 4 people who I hold in high regard.  (I think their comments deserve a bit of discussion.)

  • PV360 treats me like a dummy - I need more control. (I disagree.  PV360 is excellent for people who don't want to fuss with non-CAD stuff)
  • PV360 has a better UI for applying appearances and environments than SW. (I completely agree!)
  • PW is better because you can set up a scene and reuse it.  (but how long did it take?)
  • PW is better because you can position the model in the scene exactly how you want it. (Yes, PV360 lacks some of that.)
  • PW is better because it is integrated, has decals, uses 3D controller, consistent hierarchy of apperances, etc. (I still like PV360 but agree in principal.)
  • I wonder how PV360 will get integrated and replace PW?  Will we have animation?  Will I loose all of my prior art? (I sincerely hope that SW has a smooth migration plan worked out.  I think PW is dreadful; PV360 is terrific.  I rely on motion studies to produce animation videos.  I have to use PW and resent it every time I do.)


How do you feel about PV360?  I think it is exactly the kind of tool I need; I'm a 3D modeler, not a graphic image theorist.  I need to produce stunning images quickly.  My greatest knock against PV360 is that it is not better integrated into the SW UI. (Hey, J.W.!  There's a lot about the PV360 UI to love!)