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Data being removed from TB after part insertion!

Question asked by Jay Tuttle on Sep 17, 2009

Can anyone tell me why data from my toolbox is being removed after I insert a part that is associated with it?  If you look at the attached graphics, you'll notice that the PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION has been removed from the Basic Internal Retaining Ring.sldprt for size 7/8 (NA2-87) after I insert this part.  Also, for some reason, the DESCRIPTION is not being written to the CONFIGURATION SPECIFIC tab for the File>Properties with this part.


I get a similar problem with ANSI Aluminum I-Beams...the configuration specific description is missing but the data is not removed from the toolbox database.


Has anyone experienced this problem?


UPON FURTHER REVIEW:  It appears if you do not insert or create the part from FAVORITES, the description will not propagate to the configuration specific tab.  Furthermore, if you needed a different length other than a 1" long I-Beam (or any part that requires a length value), you'll have problems - as most of you know.  I can see if you needed a different length of bolt (which has standard incremental values) you would need to copy the standard(s) for custom sizes.  I find this different than sizing the length of Structural Members!  I guess importing Structural Members will be pretty much WORTHLESS from the Toolbox!  Anyway, I would probably use weldments as a better approach to using structural members.  SW - more enhancements PLEASE!


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