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    Large drawing processing for 4 hours?!?!

    Tim Koritz

      I have a drawing, based on a large assembly (+1000 parts) that has been processing now for over 4 hours!  Of course a large assembly drawing will take longer to process than a simple part but I have worked with this drawing before - accomplished what I wanted to do and closed it again within a couple of hours.


      Task manager tells me that sldworks.exe is not using any CPU while sldbgproc.exe is using 25 CPU (so it is using an entire core).  From what I can find on the internet, sldbgproc.exe was recently introduced to the software so that views can be generated and processed on a seperate core than solidworks is using.  That seems like a great concept but it hoses solidworks for me and I can't even switch to a different sheet.  Is it normal for this process to be running for over 4 hours while sldworks.exe is not processing at all?  Is it normal to be unable to accomplish anything and look bad infront of management while this task is processing?  Should I kill solidworks, reboot and start over?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?