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    Contrasting colour dimensions?

    Oppelaar Dan

      I'm wanting to dimension white printed text on a black panel ...


      Black dimensions can be seen over paper, but can't be seen over black panel.

      White dimensions can be seen over panel, but can't be seen over white paper.


      Is there a way to have portions of the dimension dynamically change colour depending on the background - white dim. over black part & black dim. over white paper?


      I recall seeing this functionality somewhere before .. maybe AutoCAD?


      Note: I've looked at hatching and halos around dims but can't really get the effect I'm looking for ..


      Any suggestions?

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          Hi Dan,


          That option(B/W) is surely available in Acad, Dwg Editor

          I Dont think, the option is avaliable for SW 08 version im not sure abt 09,10 but probably you can use Layers or Line color option to differentiate dimensions with respect to the background.

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            Deepak Gupta
            Create a new layer with white color and set you dimensions (those on the black panel) to this particular layer
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              Oppelaar Dan

              This is an update about this problem ..


              I worked out that my printers could be set to "Halftone Printing", that way they would print out Shades of Grey and not just Black&White.


              Then if I use a Grey, or probably even a colour, for the dimensions when printed out; they exhibit the contrasting colour characteristics that I desired ..


              So Kelvin, it looks like you've been vindicated again ...


              And Anna, I hear what you're saying, and tend to agree with you, other than the fact that a couple of my printing jobs have been done incorrectly.


              Thanks for all your help guys ...