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configuration dim values auto change to be same value - UPDATED 10-13-09

Question asked by David Anderson on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2009 by David Anderson

i have a part that has about 40 configs. i am controlling 3 dimensions, dim1, dim2 and dim3 as well as custom properties. the 3 dimensions are different for nearly all the configs.


issue just occurred today and that is when i step thru the configs, the part does not change size/dims. when i open up the design table, each  unique dim has the same value. thus all dim1=X, all dim2Y, all dim3=Z. Somehow all the uniq dims are being set to the same value.


i am using PDMworks and somehow i feel it is being corrupted by PDMworks but I cannot be sure...


any thoughts?


UPDATE 10-13-09


i submitted this to my var and they verified that this is a known issue. it really grinds my gears that an issue this critical was not made public. i cannot in good faith withold this from you all, so here's the issue


when editing a design table dimension value by changing the dimension value (rather than editing the cell in the design table)  SW will change the value of that dimension to be the same for some or all configurations. This does not always happen and its behavior seems erratic.


i probably do not need to tell you but this issue is extremely concering as the only way to ensure model configurations are accurate is to walk thru each one and back check the values. but before you do, make sure you  "block model edits" on the design table properties. and only change the values in the design table itself.


my VAR (who btw was very responsive and is sending this issue up the flagpole) tells me this issue SPR 283413 will be fixed in 2010 SP1.


just wanted to give you all a heads up such that you do not get suprised by this issue as i have. the cost to me for this bug is not yet measurable.