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Auto Ballooning not corresponding with BOM Table

Question asked by Chris Henkhaus on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2009 by 17165

I'm having a problem with making revision changes to a few drawings. I've updated my models and the BOM updates with it but my company switched to a new format for the BOM table. Now when I blow out the old BOM table all the item balloons reorder and do not change back even when I insert the new BOM table. The sequence does not change on the BOM table when I insert the new format table yet my balloons are calling out numbers that aren't even on my BOM table i.e a balloon reads 38 but my table only numbers through 28.


I've tried deleting all balloons first then deleting the original table and then auto ballooning again but I get the same result.


Any insight would be great appreciated


Thanks in advance!