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    Activating a Workflow...

    Brian Dalton

      I'm new to EPDM and just cutting my teeth on the 2010 beta...  here's a real dumb question for ya:


      How to I 'activate' a workflow.. that is, once I've written it, how do I get EPDM to start using it?


      I have been learning the ropes using the Default Workflow that comes with EPDM out of the box, but now I need to try to write my own workflows.  I created a simple one (should work, I think) but when I select 'Change State' in the menu, only the Default Workflow's Transitions are available.  I had assumed it would also show the transitions for my new workflow as well, but no dice.


      I decided to try disabling the Default Workflow (DW) so the only possible choice for EPDM would be to offer me the newly written one, so I set a condition in the DW that it would only run on BOMs, of which I have none.  That should have made it impossible for the DW to be used for a Change State of a SLDPRT file, shouldn't it?  Still all I saw were the DW's transitions and no sign of the one I had written.  I considered deleting the DW altogether, but it's the only example I have of a functional workflow, so naturally I don't want to trash it.


      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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          Joy Garon

          Hi Brian -


          You need to setup conditions that define which workflow specified documents will enter.

          If you right-click on the workflow and select properties you will see where to enter conditions.

          Many people set up categories for these conditions and then use the catagory to control what workflow a document will enter.

          Refer to the administration guide (found on the CD in the Support\Guides\GB folder) for specifics on setting up conditions.


          Also, I would strongly suggest that you take the basic admin class offered by your VAR. It will greatly reduce your learning curve.


          Best Regards,


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              Brian Dalton

              Thanks for the response, Joy.


              I noticed that for the Default Workflow there are no conditions specified, so I surmised that without conditions a workflow would automatically apply to all documents that enter the vault.  That's why I left my new WF without conditions and added a condition to the DW to apply it only to BOMs.  My understanding is that this would cause all documents to be routed through my custom WF and none would go through the DW, but in fact the opposite is true.  Hence my confusion.


              Am I misunderstanding the way things work?


              Am I correct in assuming that if there are more than one WF in a vault, their options (for transitions) should all show up when I RC a file and look at 'Change State' in the context menu?  Provided the selected file meets the conditions specified for the WFs in question, that is.


              Thanks again.



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                  Keith Christle



                  Im not sure if this is related but once a file enters a certain workflow, it will stay in that workflow regardless the conditions until you set up a workflow transition jump for it. it sounds like new files should enter your new workflow. you might also not have an initial state marked in your new workflow. just some ideas...

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                      Brian Dalton

                      Interesting suggestion, Keith.


                      I tried creating a brand new part file, and when I checked it in I received the message the the file does not meet the conditions of any workflows.  This seems strange because there are no conditions in my custom workflow, so I should think that all files would meet its 'conditions'.


                      It seems that I succeeded in locking out the DW by setting a condition for it (though it doesn't effect files that are already in that workflow) but I'm at a loss to understand why files won't go into the new WF.


                      BTW, I tried to delete the DW but I found out that you can't delete a WF if there are files in it.  How do you remove files from a WF?



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                          Calvin Nelson

                          You will get this error if you have multiple workflows with conditions which are satisfied by the new file, i.e. two workflows with no conditions. A new file could fall into either of those and Enterprise has no way to tell which.

                          If you add "!=%" to the conditions for the DW, then no files will be put into that workflow adn they will fall into your custom one.

                          Keep in mind, these conditions are only applied upon initial check-in of a file. You can add workflow links to move files between workflow, regardless of the conditions assigned to a workflow: i.e. Even with the "!=%" (Must not equal anything) condition, I can still transfer a file into that workflow by way of a workflow link.


                          As for removing a file from a WF, you can only do that by destroying the file. Deleting will only throw it into a recycle bin for the vault. You have to RMB on the root folder and go to properties and then go to the deleted items tab and destroy the files in that workflow.