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Activating a Workflow...

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2009 by Brian Dalton

I'm new to EPDM and just cutting my teeth on the 2010 beta...  here's a real dumb question for ya:


How to I 'activate' a workflow.. that is, once I've written it, how do I get EPDM to start using it?


I have been learning the ropes using the Default Workflow that comes with EPDM out of the box, but now I need to try to write my own workflows.  I created a simple one (should work, I think) but when I select 'Change State' in the menu, only the Default Workflow's Transitions are available.  I had assumed it would also show the transitions for my new workflow as well, but no dice.


I decided to try disabling the Default Workflow (DW) so the only possible choice for EPDM would be to offer me the newly written one, so I set a condition in the DW that it would only run on BOMs, of which I have none.  That should have made it impossible for the DW to be used for a Change State of a SLDPRT file, shouldn't it?  Still all I saw were the DW's transitions and no sign of the one I had written.  I considered deleting the DW altogether, but it's the only example I have of a functional workflow, so naturally I don't want to trash it.


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.