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Search card Enterprise PDM

Question asked by Dennis Hvam on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2009 by Jason Capriotti

Hallo all,


I have a two part question:


Part 1:

I have an assembly containing the following information in the textbox "Description 1" on the datacard(Green square):

565 3228 511 258 658 (Red square)

Now on the search card designed in PDMWorks(Orange square) I can search for text in "Description 1"

If I type "565"  in the "Description 1" (Blue square) on the PDMWorks search card, I can find the part without trouble.

But I want to be able to type in "3228 658" in the text box "description 1" on the search card, and find the part.

If I want to use more the one "word" for searching I need to remember the correct order that I type the "word" in the datacard.


I just want to be able to search for more then one word from a text box, is that possible?


Search card PDMWorks.jpg


Part 2:


Is it possible to create a "panic search box" on the search card? A box in which you can type anything that you can remember, filename/ANY data on the datacard and find a file?


E.g. I want to find the file 123.sldasm but I can only remember who created it, that was "DEH" and then I type that in the box and I will get all files created by DEH.

Or if I remember the file name 123 I could just type that in the SAME text box.


That was a little tortuous explanation, but I hope you can see what I'm looking for